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Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation

How can an attorney help a buyer?

An attorney can:

  • Review and advise the buyer about a buyer agency agreement and dealing with real estate brokers
  • Draft or review the buyer’s Offer to Purchase and help negotiate Counteroffers and amendments to the Offer to Purchase
  • Evaluate financing options and resolve problems
  • Review the commitment for title insurance
  • Help you decide how to hold title to the property
  • Answer questions and resolve problems during the course of the transaction
  • Review closing documents
  • Represent you at the closing

What legal issues does financing involve?

Buyers usually obtain financing from a commercial lender, such as a bank, credit union, or other loan provider. The lender investigates the buyer’s finances and credit history to determine eligibility for a home mortgage.

An attorney can help evaluate the various mortgage options and check mortgage documents. An attorney can help resolve problems with your application. There are special concerns when the financing is for new construction.

Another financing option is a land contract, in which the seller finances the buyer’s purchase of the property. This arrangement involves negotiations between the buyer and seller.

Be sure you get sound legal advice to protect your interests.